We are now looking for new authors.


Please email manuscripts to and include the following:


  1. 400 words min about yourself,
  2. A detailed synopsis. Including; genre, main characters and story arc,
  3. Manuscript - in a readable font, with chapter headings and word count (min 50,000 words).


About Us


Silver Rose Publishing was founded in 2014 by E.I Jennings. After becoming a bestselling author she wanted to give something back and created Silver Rose to help other authors. Getting a book published is an author’s dream but often they have no idea where to start once their story is written. Many authors cannot afford to pay for services and are stuck in limbo when major publishing houses reject their manuscripts. With the backing of government funding E.I Jennings founded Silver Rose as a ‘helping hands’ programme in the UK for new authors and self-publishing authors who needed additional support. Since then Silver Rose has opened its doors internationally. Fear of publishing is hard to overcome when you think you are alone.


Trying to get published is an uphill struggle, trying to find out how to do it and then becoming aware of how costly it can be can deter most authors. Most publishing companies only look at the profit value of authors and take control of manuscripts giving them little or no input in how the book is published. This is where Silver Rose is different. We recognise that new authors need additional support to produce a book and aim to offer any support needed. Authors have a greater input with how they would like the finished book to look and have the option to work with mentors during the editing process. We offer support in key areas:

•Completing a manuscript (if the manuscript needs a rewrite but we see potential),



•Book cover design,


•Ongoing social media support.

As a small publishing company we only sign 1-2 authors a year, so we can give them the support they need. We understand that there are great stories out there that need a little help to progress and that is what we aim to do. Silver Rose authors are a family and strive to be part of the Silver Rose ethos; authors helping authors. What we do is not for everyone but if support is needed Silver Rose will always be there for our authors.

Signed authors receive 40% of the ebook price in royalties and 30% (net) of paperback sales. (Amazon pays us 70% of the ebook price, Barnes & Noble up to 60%, Nook up to 65%. We give our authors the larger share). We do not charge our signed authors for what we do upfront, only taking a small percentage of royalties for our work, thus insuring our need to make our authors a success.

Why don't we charge for our services? We believe in an exchange of skills. All of our authors have skills they don't even realise they have used to produce a manuscript. From editing to formatting each author has the opportunity to become a mentor to a new author or develop skills in editing, formatting, design etc. to benefit Silver Rose. It really is that simple. As a publishing company, not only are we interested in your work but developing you as an author. We will always be upfront with what we expect from our authors and if you have any questions we are only an email away.

Our contracts are for one year with the option to extend for a further two years.

Writing a manuscript is just the beginning, what comes next is the hard part. We aim to be approachable, even to those that we do not sign. The publishing world is a harsh environment and is getting harder every day to get noticed.

Silver Rose Publishing is not for everyone. All we ever ask for in our authors is dedication and respect. Questions are always answered as soon as possible from any author. All you need to do is contact us, either using the contact form or dropping us an email.