High Society Wives Series

The High Society Wives Series

The High Society Wives Series is for adult (18+) readers.

SRP heat rating:HOT

Kay Barrett is a thirty something mom to two beautiful girls who possess more money than God and everything materialistic most could hope for. She’s beautiful, generous, kind and absolutely hates her life. She’s tired of the constant pressure in maintaining the illusion of the perfect society wife while slowly dying inside from her turbulent past and tumultuous marriage to a man that has made it his mission to make her life hell. She’s given up on happiness and love, bending to her husband’s whims in every way; permanently at his beck and call to serve as his arm candy at a moment’s notice. On one such occasion she’s to join him for a business dinner to meet the new client her husband is so eager to impress.


Ryder Sinclair is mysterious, secretive and the air surrounding him shimmers with danger, testosterone and panty dropping sexuality. Tall, dark and handsome; his blue eyes pierce Kay clear to her soul. She finds herself curiously drawn to him in ways she’s never dreamed. Kay begins to change her outlook on life and questions the lifestyle that has caused her so much grief over the years, terrified her children will become unhappy clones of their troubled mother; living a life of ill hidden lies and lacking love that Kay has never experienced.


She decides to restructure her reality, beginning by changing herself. She decides to live her life; seeking out friendships with women she would never had thought to turn to, finding strength in their kindness and courage to face the challenges in the paradox that is her existence. She longs to live a life filled with love and strives for the courage to overcome her past; and she wants Ryder by her side as she does. However, it all becomes too much. Between the deception by her husband, the lies of her father and a mother she thought dead resurfacing Kay flounders. The lies mount, the stress bends her will and she starts to feel as if she’s fighting a losing battle against the constant emotional and physical attacks. All she ever wanted was to love and be loved yet the constant pursuit of her happily ever after continues to evade her desperate grasp.


Giving up would be so easy and the fight for the life and love she desires is gruelling and unforgiving. Returning to the complacent and obedient wife she was before the discovering friendship, kindness and the true meaning of love would be so much easier. Battle worn and weary, will Kay turn her back on all she’s learned in such a short time? Will she be able to dig deep; standing up for what she deserves out of life and doing so with all the grace and dignity her upbringing has ingrained into her?

Happiness is such a suggestive ideal thing; Thomas Jefferson wasn’t far off in referring to it as a pursuit. It’s something we continuously seek; slippery to hold and lost easily, until we turn our backs on it in disgust and shame Giving up and allowing the darkness to claim our soul as we plummet into despairs fathomless chasm. The time for Ella to come clean has come, can she overcome her inner demons and confess her sins, and indiscretions. Will she own up to the role she played in causing her daughter’s pain? Ella's story is no longer her own, its Kay’s history; who she is and where she came from and why Ella was so heartbreakingly absent from her life for so many years. Tired of fear and sadness coloring her life and decisions, Ella will tell Kay everything; allowing Kay the freedom to either condemn or exonerate Ella's transgressions.

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